Prop Thtr strives to redefine what theater is in the 21st century. 

We produce and incubate new work, including plays, devised work, director-driven reimagined classics, adaptations, and other alternative forms of storytelling. Prop works with makers of all ages, races, gender identities, and backgrounds. In the spirit of Chicago storefront theater, Prop is continuously committed to fostering companies who create original work for diverse and inclusives spaces. 

We break open how we make, what we make, and who is making. 

To be a national destination for adventurous and timely new plays and alternatively created theatrical work that is experimental, ethical, diverse, and inclusive.


Core Values

Prop Thtr believes that we* should:

Challenge the Status Quo

Art is Political.


Everyone deserves the chance to fail, especially spectacularly.

Creative growth comes through failure.

Empower Creativity

When we invest in the development and support of people, they will have the capacity to care for the work.

Trust Collaborators

Honor the agency and capacity of those working with us.

Everyone is doing the best they can.

Be Mindful

Take action consciously, deliberately, and intentionally.

Be Aware of Systems and Their Impact

Acknowledge the systems in the world that affect our everyday lives to elevate or oppress people.

Strive to elevate.

Be Fiscally Responsible and Responsive

Compensate the people who work with us.

Work within our means.


* Prop Thtr as an organization and all of us as humans